The perfect wake for the perfect jump.

Wakebag is the most compact wakeboat ballast bag on the market.

The perfect ballast bag for the perfect wake

One liter of our wakebag filling weighs 4.2 kg. We deliver the best quality bags that are safe for your boat. You can use wakebags in combination with the factory ballast system.

But boats without an existing ballast system also get an excellent wake through the use of our wakebags. Even your X-star or G-series can still use some ballast.

Why solid ballast bags?

The dead weight of WakeBags make a big difference when it comes adding extra ballast in your boat. Water ballast will inconsistently weight your boat due to sloshing.


Very easy to carry and move quickly. It don't move like water. And it fits itself in the small spaces in your boat.

Easy of use

It fits itself in the small spaces in your boat

“Amazing experience i love it a lot. Thanks to the team that dreams come true, great! I really appreciate that was awesome and super fun”

Lassy Chester, Creative director

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